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The Pirate Jump Point

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Vampire's miniature gallery

My miniatures and painting guides

Lance Commander Manual:

A collection of revisions and upgrades on the rules of the Battletech board game for Level 1 play, 3025 and Succession Wars setting.These rules aim to improve, complete and solve the flaws of the basic Command Lance rules (hence the name of this rules set) from the boxed set rulebook, all the way to Battlech Master Rules providing balanced, clear, consistent, and playable rules to breathe new life into basic Level 1 games, and enhance the fun while still being recognizable and understandable to any Battletech player that comes across them for the first time. In many cases they are adaptations or improvementes of rules already published in books like Maximum Tech. To sum it up, these rules are for the player that likes the setting of the original 3025 era Battletech, but it's frustrated and/or bored with the basic Level 1 rules.


     Alternate Damage System

    Machineguns examined

    Technical Readout 3025 RELOADED

A major revision of many designs in the original TRO 3025, with custom made Battlemech templates for non humanoid designs and others.

The Halstead Station Lostech Library

Essays and various writings on the Battletech universe, collected from various sources and authors.

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Links to destinations of interest within the Inner Sphere and known Periphery

  Mordel Blacknight's Battletech Bay, Bar & Grill

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   Canopian Pleasure Circus

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